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I began photography as a hobby around about 1971 when I got married, bought my first SLR and joined the local Camera Club. I have been in Club's ever since wherever I have lived and still am. I do not claim, unlike some Clubmen, to know it all, in fact most of my work is pretty straightforward and standard, but I used to enjoy Mono work in the darkroom and now spend a lot of time using Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements with files from my digital cameras. During recent years I have spent a lot of time compiling audio/visual sequences and from time to time go out to give presentations to local organisations. I don't have any particularly favourite subjects but generally enjoy having a go at most things, although table-top leaves me pretty cold, but I have started to have a go at candid work recently, something I have ignored before. Anyway, hopfully some of you will enjoy at least a few of my images, as no doubt I will enjoy yours.


Currently I am using an Olympus E450 Digital SLR with the standard kit of short and long zoom lenses. I also have a Panasonic Lumix TZ60 compact as my second camera and a Canon Powershot G10 compact which I don't use as much now. I tend to use the Panasonic if I want to go out without the DSLR. I still occasionaly use my Pentax MZ-50 with 28-200mm.lens for the odd colour slide film. Prior to these cameras I have used Olympus and Praktica SLR's for most of my older work.  

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